Bill Malone sent me these great sketches. I've reduced them to smaller size (from the 15-20 MB originals that Bill sent along) to save you some download time. Click on the sketch to get a larger version. If you want the original sized ones drop me a line (and have a FAST internet connection). If you know who drew these let me know and I'll put up the appropriate credit.

Here is what Bill had to say about the drawings:

Here is some cartoons that one of the forward guys drew, I can't remember who, but I like the appropiate placement of the Pedro stickers.

I love this one! Look down at the bottom of the cactus at the left for the Pedro Points the Way sticker. I still have one of those on the back of my Shellback card.

Pedro Points The Way!

This one is a great study of the Wardroom.

One day in the Wardroom at Flank Speed

I couldn't BEGIN to imagine what this one refers to!

Love those Seagulls!