Ken in the garden. The descriptions here are by Ken - when Martha gets a chance she'll fill me in on better names than "the pink thing". Most of the photographs are from 2000. The fence I'm standing by is now white, and it's amazing how much some of the plants have grown in two years.

View towards the front of the fence. The first section of garden was created when our neighbors erected a fence for their new pool. The long wooden backdrop of the fence made a perfect place to start a flower garden. This shot is looking towards the front of the fence. Flowers visible here include blue ones, pink ones and white ones.

Here is the same fence, looking towards the back. Pink, yellow and red are what I see - how about you? In the background is the pussy willow planted to fill in the corner, with lilies in front of it.

The next section of garden was created behind the house. Wooden frames were extended from the house for the strawberry patch (in the far section of the photo) and the perennial garden. The original garden only came back half of this distance - it was expanded a year later. Just in front of the foreground is a corner of Hen's and Chicks. At the right edge is a climbing rose.

On the right is the other section of back garden. In the foreground are lilies, babies breath and other green things. In the center our wooden archway leads from the path onto our back patio. On the left is a close-up of the lily and the babies breath. A small clematis can be seen in the back starting it's way up the archway.

Once the back was done we moved on to the other side of the house. This side was originally just bare concrete and sand. This side gets a good amount of sun, and flowers here include pink ones, blue ones, and even some yellow ones. Look, new mulch!

Oh yeah, Neil looks happy. We've just started on our new section in this photo. After tilling with the misnamed "Merry Tiller" (and let me say that their was NOTHING very merry about that thing) we've raked and planted the first few flowers. We've also planted the first few poles for the fence to divide this section from the front yard. Three days later brings us to...

This is the view a few days later. You can see the new fence and parts of the new garden. Let's follow the path in to see the rest.  

This is the front corner of the house. A spirea bush is framed by the fireplace. In front are three new Japanese Iris from White Flower Farm, along with a tall pink thing.  

Here is the view towards the front. Where the opening is now there will be a gate with an archway. The ivy to the left of the opening is intended to climb over the top. Through the opening you can see one of our Rose of Sharon plants, and the start of our front hedge.  

  The other side of the new garden. The blue fence was re-used from another location. Depending on what it's going to cost, either the blue fences get replaced or everything gets stained white.
In the foreground are some pink plants, and some lilies line the back edge of the garden fence.
This view shows more of the front corner, along with the round garden just behind it. The round garden was installed last year after trees were removed - it covers a rather large oak stump.
I hope you have enjoyed your tour!